HarePoint Explorer for SharePoint by MAPIlab

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HarePoint Explorer for SharePoint by MAPIlab

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HarePoint Explorer for SharePoint is a universal accessorytool for simplifying the development of solutions for Windows SharePointServices 3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server ​2007 and 2010.


The program provides a developer with the following tools:

  • Browser for examining SharePoint object model. Due to the .NET Reflection technology, the browser displays all objects, methods, properties, not limited to “familiar” objects. Also it allows you to modify their properties and mark objects for usage in context scripts.
  • Context scripts on C#. Absolutely any method and any object can be called from scripts, as well as the value of any properties and fields including hidden (internal, private, protected) can be obtained. The script code can greatly assist as a tool of dynamic debugging of code segments. Script codes can be transferred in the code of your product practically without any changes.

The program allows you to open any number of browser windows and scripts. With the help of the browser, it is possible to visually show the necessary objects, mark and pass them for usage in context scripts. If the script returns the object during script execution, the object is opened in the new browser window. Due to the .NET Reflection technology, there are no limitations on types of returned objects. In the program help file, besides examples of operations with SharePoint objects (sites, lists, etc.) you can find examples of utilizing Windows Forms and Active Directory.

Product features:

  • Investigation of not only declared, but also actual object structure
  • Change of object properties from browser window
  • Prompt testing of code sections of your product
  • Simple transfer of code segments of your product to scripts for debugging and back
  • Usage of any properties and fields of SharePoint objects including hidden ones
  • Usage of any type libraries, for example, Windows Forms


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