Datapolis Workbox 2010

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Datapolis Workbox 2010

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Datapolis Workbox 2010 is a user-friendly, GUI-driven tool for modelling and managing workflows in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 environment. Its architecture enables dynamic process management and adaptation to changes in the environment and client requirements.

Datapolis Workbox 2010 features include, but are not limited to, designing document flows, implementing the ordering process, project and work time accounting, as well as designing help-desk systems. Datapolis Workbox utilises two logical layers: a business and a technical layer. The former illustrates the process and its stages, while the latter establishes a space that enables process automation. Both layers form a single, shared tool for managers, analysts, designers, IT technicians, and process participants. Separating the business logic allows to focus on the goals and stages of a process, reflecting the human way of making decisions.

Datapolis Workbox 2010 main features:

  • Business – oriented solution – separate Business and Technical Layers
  • Ease of modifying and remodeling workflows
  • Full integration with SharePoint
  • Extended SharePoint permission model
  • Reporting and decision support

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Work flow work horse - 5 years running we couldn't do our jo

We have used workbox workflows on SharePoint since 2009 and we couldn't do our job without it. Most of our users work from home building documents that are published daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. The workflows allow users to contribute research items, write articles, translate articles, edit articles, review quality and distribute products sequentially to meet deadlines. In some cases we will work around the clock to meet a daily deadline and we simply couldn't coordinate these complex sequential time sensitive work processes without work box.

Product Reviews

Powerful - allows me to automate almost any SharePoint task without programming
Flexible - we have workflows that kick off other workflows, or send emails, work on libraries, lists, items, documents
Adaptable - users can kick off actions on one item at a time or on multiple items at one time.
Re-usable: Whole workflows or individual actions can be saved and re-used.
Built in security - I can specify which user group can do any action.
Uses timers - we send a reminder emails if a user has not acted on something in his work queue after a period of time
Integrated - totally integrated into SharePoint dropdowns and ribbon making easy for end users to initiate actions

Documentation is spotty. Figuring out how build an action to do something new can be a mystery.
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