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Available for both SharePoint 2013, 2010 and 2007, Bamboo Workflow Conductorprovides a simple, yet powerful way to automate and manage your business processes. A simple drag-and-drop interface lets designers easily create and deploy complex workflows without the need for custom coding. Centralized configuration, management, and reporting gives administrators the ability to manage workflows across the entire farm. Personalized Web Parts, Microsoft Office integration, and automatic task notification allows end-users to interact with their workflows and tasks.

Workflow Design and Deployment

Workflow Conductor uses a web-based workflow creation tool that allows users to simply drag-and-drop modular Widgets into a design window, configure a few simple settings, and deploy a fully-functional workflow to SharePoint in minutes. Over 35 Widgets allow designers to quickly create complex workflows based on existing business process. Workflow Conductor Widgets handle everything from editing SharePoint data to user account provisioning. Workflows created in Workflow Conductor can be easily reused across a farm, and can even be saved and exported for use in a completely different SharePoint environment.

Product Overview

  • Drag-and-drop, browser-based workflow creation allows for complex workflows with no coding required.
  • Over 50 Widgets handle everything from document approval, to accessing external data sources, to provisioning user accounts in Active Directory.
  • Centralized administration lets administrators view and manage workflows across an entire farm.
  • Workflows can be reused, and workflow templates allow new workflows to be based on existing ones.
  • Custom Web Parts let users access their own workflows and tasks, and administrators can create custom reports and view workflow logs.
  • Global settings let administrators decide what workflows can do, how they behave, and who can create them.
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint means no need for client applications or extra hardware.
  • Simple design and deployment lets power users create and publish workflows in minutes.

Key Product Features

  • Perform workflow actions across different sites or even different site collections.
  • Use alternative user credentials for different workflow steps.
  • Get feedback and approval, or request other data from users and then use the results within a workflow.
  • Read and edit SharePoint lists, libraries, and items.
  • Create and manage SharePoint and Active Directory users, groups, and profiles.
  • Access external databases, Web services, and even external SharePoint environments.
  • Create, manage, and delete SharePoint sites.
  • Execute custom server-side code using real-time workflow data (2010).
  • Repeat a series of actions for each item in a list or library.
  • Perform advanced calculations using dates, numbers, and text.
  • Test workflows using the Simulation Mode.
  • Choose from multiple types of workflow deployment methods based on business needs.

Workflow Conductor Benefits

  • Increase process efficiency
    Automatic task notification and hand off means faster turn-around times and less process overhead.
  • Improve process visibility
    Reporting and status features make it easy to see the state of any running process.
  • Decrease complexity for end-users
    Users only need to handle their own tasks, not manage the process itself. Integration with SharePoint and Office make things even simpler.
  • Increase accountability
    Automation means tasks are tracked and visible, and events are logged for auditing.
  • Decrease failure rates
    Automated process hand off means fewer places where processes can stall or fail.
  • Fast and Simple Process Automation
    Writing custom workflow applications in SharePoint can take a lot of time and money, and maintenance can be a nightmare. With Workflow Conductor, your processes can be up and running in hours, not days or weeks.

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