SharePoint Connector for Confluence by Atlassian

SharePoint Connector for Confluence by Atlassian

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SharePoint Connector for Confluence by Atlassian

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Combine Confluence's free-form, easy to edit wiki with the document management and workflow strengths of SharePoint with the SharePoint Connector for Confluence.

Embed Confluence content within SharePoint.

  • Embed your wiki
    Any Confluence wiki page or blog post can be embedded into SharePoint. This allows you to blend enterprise documents and lists with agile wiki content, all on a single SharePoint page. Wikis aren't wikis without the "Edit" button — so we made sure to put one in. You can edit embedded Confluence wiki pages directly from SharePoint with a single click. Beyond wiki pages, you can embed dynamic Confluence page trees into SharePoint, for ease of navigating your wiki content.
  • Extend SharePoint
    Through embedded wiki content, SharePoint users can now access Confluence's multitude of plugins (like charts, diagrams, image galleries, maps and database content) within their pages.

Access SharePoint's document facilities from within Confluence.

  • Local lists
    Any SharePoint list can be easily included in a Confluence wiki page. This enables you to combine contextual wiki content with more structured data such as document lists, calendars and other SharePoint collections. Your team's wiki brainstorm for a customer proposal can link to the final PowerPoint presentations. With a single click, the documents can then be edited within Microsoft Office utilising SharePoint's deep Office integration. Once updated, just hit "Save" in Office to update your documents in SharePoint's content repository.
  • Bi-directional navigation
    Once linked from Confluence, the automatic linking system creates a reciprocal link from SharePoint back to Confluence. This provides a permanent way of navigating related content, regardless of its location.

Search Confluence and SharePoint in one location.

  • Search once
    With combined search, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for — no matter whether it's a wiki page, a Word document or a blog post. With the SharePoint Connector for Confluence you can now search enterprise wiki pages and SharePoint documents in one location. There is no user retraining required! Use the same search box as you do today — in either SharePoint or Confluence — and you'll find content from both platforms.
  • Security clearance
    While simple, our search is also smart. Full document security and permissioning is maintained across all content. For example, if you're not authorised to view a particular wiki page or Word document, it won't be included in the combined search results.

Login. Once.
With the SharePoint Connector for Confluence installed, users can seamlessly navigate between SharePoint and Confluence, with no interruptions. SharePoint and Confluence share the same set of users via Microsoft's Active Directory. Each user has a single username and password for both applications. Sign in to one application and you're signed into both.

Personal publishing
The SharePoint Connector for Confluence gives every SharePoint user their own personal wiki and blog. Create a private scratch pad or broadcast your thoughts to the rest of the organisation. 

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Connect the two great products and reduce the silo

Any corp that is using alot of Confluence and SharePoint needs this - to break up the internal wars of which product is better, and to share the wealth of info. That alone pays for itself - seriously, aside from the real work that also is better enabled.

They are both great prods, but they are not both equal products. Share the strengths of both with integrating them - it is that simple.

If you have JIRA too, it also makes sense to break the silo one more level with the JIRA to SharePoint Connector by CustomWare.

Product Reviews

single silo, common sense, reduced system infighting on which is the "right" platform. They both are when you have the luxury to have them both.
I'd argue that adding more powerful search between these systems and any other internal systems is also key. Thunderstone enterprise search ( can search these systems, fileshares (all file types), and others - bringing them all together.
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