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Product Submission Guidelines is the world’s largest SharePoint Product Directory. With over a thousand of searchable product listings, ratings and reviews, it helps tens of thousands of visitors to find the most suitable product within the shortest time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach your prospects at the most critical stage of the buying cycle – when they're looking for, reviewing, and comparing products. List your product(s) or company in our directories!

Important Registration Information now offers an ability to change your own listings, and receive inquiries. In order for us to properly process those, and forward you valuable product/listing inquiries, please use your company email address to register.

Submit New Listings (Does Not Apply to Events)

To submit new product or training/consulting firm listings, please register or log in (if you haven't already), and fill out our submission form. You can also navigate to a specific category and click on Add new listing to submit directly to that category.

Please keep in mind that all submissions are subject to approval. We reserve the right to edit any information in your submission, or to remove your listing if it does not conform to our guidelines.

Make Modifications to Existing Listings

You can view your own listings via the “My Listings” link in the “My Links” menu visible to logged in users, and you can make modifications to those listings. Upon changing the listing, it will temporarily remove it from the live directory by changing its status to “pending approval”. Please send us an email with a summary of listing title(s) to ensure that we approve changes ASAP, and do not accidently miss any listings.

Since many original listings were added by the SharePoint Reviews team, you should take ownership of your listing. It will also ensure that any listing inquiries can be forwarded to you. Please email us from your work email address (it should match your user account email address – let us know if it does not), and we will change all listings for your company to your ownership.

Alternatively, if you only have a few listings, you can click on the “Claim This Business” button and it will send a change-of-ownership request to our team. Be sure to use your company’s email address so that it can be properly identified. Once approved, you will be able to make modifications yourself. Please note that all changes are subject to approval.

If you do not own a listing, and do not see the “Claim This Business” button, please contact us directly (see info below).

Create an Event

To submit new event/conference listing(s), please visit this page (login required). It is also accessible via the “My Links” menu visible to logged in users. All submissions are subject to approval. We reserve the right to edit any information in your submission, or to remove your listing if it does not conform to our guidelines.

If you run more than one event, you may want to submit your event management/publishing listing into the “Reviews” category available here.


To provide additional information (links to video overviews or tutorials, suggestions of new categories, etc.), or if you have any questions, please contact us using this form, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your participation!
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