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I have had some experience in using SP 2007 and touched briefly upon using SP 2010 before my company was bought up by its sister company.

From then on I was delegated to utilizing SAP which is a nightmare for any casual user. I constantly tried to tell them about the benifets of SP over SAP or even how they can function together!

My company now is making a switch to implementing SP 2010 across the globe and I was asked to join the Share Point group to help roll it out.

This course was a great refesher for myself and a great prep class to lead into the administrator course.

The class size was relativly small and Robert was very good at answering questions and offering help to students. No complaints what so ever, he even tailored the learning to real world applications as we had a student who was developing a Share Point system with specific needs.

My only issue would be sometimes the speed of the class went faster then the resources we were given could keep up. My Virtual machine slowed down quite often and sometimes I would get so behind I would have to stop and just watch the instructors screen.

Outside of that no problems. I think its fantastic you get a copy of the recorded course for your personal use at a later date. This to me will be an extrodinary resource as there was a lot of material covered. I almost think it should be split into a 3 day class.

Anyway, thanks SPI. I look forward to the Administrator class in August.

-Andrew A.


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Power User Camp
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Robert Davis
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