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If it sounds too good to be true...

1. The FB sales guy told me he would need to make sure I was at an appropriate level to attend the course as it was not for beginners however there were self-confessed beginners actually on the course so be aware of this tactic.
2. The "12 hour days" are simply used to read through the very basic manuals with the instructors with just enough time to copy and paste code into inconsistent, pre-canned example solutions on VMs. You are then expected to read 3-4 chapters of an MS Press book every evening to cover what they don't in class.
3. The instructor who delivered 80% of the course was an experienced developer but was new to SharePoint and had no real world experience with it. My experience was that he was unable to offer any value over or above the basic manual he was 'teaching' from. I had made it clear to FB before taking the course this was the most important aspect for me, far more so than the qualification.
4. Having already passed one of the exams I only needed to take the second one. I was told prior to and during the week that I would be given the second exam voucher but despite requesting it several times I have never received it (MS exams cost £100 each!)
5. Worse than their course was their customer service. They refused to accept a single point I made about my thoroughly disappointing experience even a blatant error they made administering a simple Microsoft exam.

I will never use Firebrand again and will always advise others to steer well clear.


Courses Taken (if applies)
Microsoft MCTS/MCPD SharePoint 2010 Developer
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Joel Jeffrey
Mark Price
Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire, UK
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SharePoint Developer
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