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I administer WSS3.0 for several years now and took SharePoint Innovations "Administrator Camp" in-person training, hoping that it will prepare me for proper installation, configuration and overall implementation.

It was a big, big disappointment. First, they don't tell you that you need to bring your own laptop, in my case – 2 days before a weekend and class start, and I had to scramble with a request to my IT department.

There were no printed course materials provided, only some general SPS features slides on TV screen. Had to watch instructor on TV do the lab and follow his steps.

Having read some materials about SPS 2010 before, I felt that this course was an introduction to SPS 2010, somewhere on power user level and not an admin level.
SPS 2010 installation and configuration was done via SPS wizard. I was expecting best practices, Powershell and so on. We didn’t even touch Powershell commands.

Many steps didn’t work/error and instructor didn’t know what was going on. Also instructor wasn’t able to answer many of my questions.
The only good part was there were three students in the class so we could ask questions easily.

Take away materials were couple of 3rd party e-books in PDF format and certificate of completion is just a PDF file, sent a week later.

At the cost of $1,685 this class it totally worthless.
You can learn more by reading Sharepoint blogs and creating/printing your own certificate.


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Sharepoint 2010 Administrator Camp
Beaverton, Oregon
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