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The Great SharePoint Adventure. Good as advertised

This is the second class that I have taken with the Ted Pattison Group. Both times I came away extremely happy with both the course content and the instructor as well. I took an earlier WSS class with David Mann. It was his first time teaching any class. David taught the class like an old pro. It was great.

When I felt that it was time to really drive things home and fill in the blanks, I took the Great Adventure class with Ted Pattison as the instructor. It was everything that I exepcted it to be (which was a lot) and more. I highly recommend the Ted Pattision Group if you need to learn SharePoint.

Should I need furter training I will not hesitate to sign up for anothe course from the Ted Pattison Group.


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The Great SharePoint Adventure
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Ted Pattison
Tampa, FL
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SharePoint Developer
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