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The Futures Bright - The Future is SharePoint!

Innovation, Intimacy, Industrialisation – Words that may not mean much to the larger audience, but for me it is the foundation of the SharePoint solution I am currently developing.

The foundation of this solution is knowledge, understanding from experts the limits to which SharePoint can be pushed. Often misconstrued as a tool, a piece of software, wrong – it is a framework, a blueprint on which to build, develop and push those limits.

I approached combined knowledge for a number of SharePoint training courses to affirm my knowledge, to make sure the things I have learnt over the past 2 years hard work was correct, was valid and more importantly was right for the solution being developed.

I was not disappointed, from the excellent customer interaction with Zoe, to the professionalism and desire of Rob, the instructor who graciously interpreted questions and portrayed the answers in a light that not only left me with new knowledge, new information, but made me revisit my original thoughts and beliefs to ensure that the solution I will deliver will be the best “framework” possible.

I have a further 4 courses booked with Combined Knowledge over the next 7 months culminating in the Advance Architect course – I can’t wait!

Thanks all for making the course an enjoyable journey – I am now, more than ever, convinced that Combined Knowledge are the apex of SharePoint training in the UK.


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SharePoint Designer 2007 Track
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Rob Pratt
Ullesthorpe Court Hotel
Your Job Function
SharePoint Architect
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