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SharePoint 250 - InfoPath and SharePoint Designer

The class had great hands-on work that touched on a lot of actual functions of Infopath and SharePoint Designer.
The first day was very slow- they left a lot of time for login issues, and half the class didn't understand how to use Voice over IP (which wasn't necessary anyway because local call-in numbers were provided). Even after we got through the intros, I was worried because the first day was much too easy.
But, it picked up the second day. the instructors stayed as long as needed for questions, and to get through all the labs, which was great, and why I forgave them for the first day slowness. It would be better if they put one more lab on the first day to set the pace.

Most of the class was doing real-world type solutions, such as creating an infopath template part, later creating a workflow and using many of the workflow options.

The on-line format worked really well, with opportunity for interaction. their virtual sharepoint environments were top-notch and fast to use over the internet. I was impressed. The reason the instructions ahead of time said to install your own VM was in case there were network issues. A good fall back plan, but luckily not needed in our class. (I suppose it could have helped anyone who had an internet connection issue from their end, which would be out of control of the class.)

The instructor was good at checking in with everyone to push them to participate and do the labs.


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SharePoint 250 - InfoPath and SharePoint Designer Workflow
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Asif Rehmani and Malcolm Eaton
Live On-line
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SharePoint Architect
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