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Part of my job role as an Evangelist at Microsoft is to help customers envision the possibilities when using our technologies. MOSS has a huge surface area, and I was admittedly weak on the publishing aspects of MOSS and how to leverage its WCM capabilities. Andrew Connell (AC) did a fantastic job of ensuring the entire class had a common baseline for understanding MOSS and the feature sets that the class would focus on. There was enough background material to help the class quickly familiarize with concepts that the rest of the class built upon, such as building custom features and application pages.

The class moved quickly from common SharePoint developer concepts to specific publishing concepts, such as extending an application and creating a new publishing site. AC wasted no time in moving to the parts of the course that I found most valuable: page layouts, field types, and extending the authoring experience. Unlike other courses I have attended that don't seem to get to the good stuff until the course is almost over, AC focused on concepts particular to publishing scenarios the entire time... yet the material is applicable outside of publishing as well.

Even when topics apply broadly across many scenarios, AC stayed on topic and continually reinforced the applicability in WCM scenarios. His demos were entertaining and engaging, often with humor sprinkled in. When attendees (most of which had previous real world SharePoint experience) would launch difficult edge-case questions at AC, I was impressed that he almost always had an answer backed by experience on a project. When he didn't, he was able to come up with the answer in a matter of minutes.

This was a very enjoyable class for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a solid background in ASP.NET development and a moderate familiarity with SharePoint. AC takes concepts and explains them down to a detailed level, making it easy for ASP.NET developers to understand the translation of terms into the SharePoint environment.


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