XStream SharePoint Document Auto Title

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XStream SharePoint Document Auto Title

XStream Software’s SharePoint Document Auto Title transforms and streamlines the task of applying the “Title” column to new documents uploaded to Microsoft SharePoint. It does this by automating the fill in of the “Title” column for newly updated documents in SharePoint.

As more and more organizations adopt the SharePoint platform for managing and archiving documents across the enterprise, the weaknesses in SharePoint’s document uploading process have become painfully clear. In particular, when a user uploads a document to SharePoint, a major bottleneck in the process is the need to fill in the “Title” column (which is a SharePoint metadata column associated with documents in document libraries).

Most often, SharePoint users will manually fill in the “Title” column with the filename (using copy and paste) of the uploaded document minus the file extension. But, as most SharePoint users have experienced, the need to repeatedly perform this manual task results in a lot of frustration, inevitable errors, lost time, and reduced productivity.

By utilizing XStream Software’s SharePoint Document Auto Title product, SharePoint users are removed from performing the tedious and time-consuming task of filling in the “Title” column when uploading a document. The product allows the “Title” column to be automatically filled in with the filename of the uploaded document. In addition, by adjusting the product’s configuration settings, the auto fill can also include custom prefix and/or postfix text. This means that SharePoint users can realize the full benefits of document naming automation while still conforming to their organization’s document naming standards.

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