HD Media Center for SharePoint 2010 by Silver Controls

HD Media Center for SharePoint 2010 by Silver Controls

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HD Media Center for SharePoint 2010 by Silver Controls

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HD Media Center for SharePoint 2010 organizes and catalogs your video media assets library into a central location where you can view and play your media assets. The player provides support for 4:3 standard video up to 1080p resolution HD media.

Based on MediaPlayerCS4 base classes and extension classes HD Media Center provides all the features you would expect from a top tier media player. Supported features include Full screen, Standard Playback Controls, Catalogs and Clip Gallerys, Attach to Live Smooth Streaming Events and Smooth Streaming Media, copy shortcut to the current page, send shortcut to eMail, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Advanced parameters include custom width and height for HD (16:9) viewing. Designate the default or custom "blue" skin. (More skins will be added over time). Designate a Media Assets Library by name.

HD Media Center for SharePoint 2010 includes the HD Media Center Manager that creates video asset libraries for you. With the HD Media Center manager you can create Media Asset Libraries, Catalogs, and Gallerys of clips inside your catalogs specifically designed for the HD Media Center Player. The HD Media Center Manager also allows the user to arrange the Catalogs and Video clips in a specified order, delete Catalogs or Clips, rename Catalogs and the Catalog Description, and rename the video clip as it is seen in the player.

HD Media Center Manager for SharePoint 2010 also allows the user to open video clips on your local machine and select thumbnails for your video. You can select a main thumbnail that is viewed when the player loads and 8 auto preview thumbnails that will play a preview of the video clip when the mouse is hovered over the video clip in the player gallery view.

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This is a KILLER "HD Media Center" app for Office

We were simply blown away that this company had the vision to price this for "the Office 365 Cloud" with both a 1 year and monthly subscription option and with extremely low cost stair-step based subscription pricing. It is very tough to sell a several thousand $$$ third party add-on ... when Office 365 starts at a mere $10 per user per month ... BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO! While many companies might see this as outstanding functionality for "training videos", we see enormous potential for sales and project project teams - and even executive level - "Video Communications" for our clients.

Go check out their web site with a Live Demo!

Product Reviews

We are a Silicon Valley based consultant, SI and VAR for end-to-end Office 365 solutions. This is an absolutely brilliant set of new functionality, via a Silverlight web part, for SharePoint 2010 - including Office 365. The combination of a gallery type HD Media Player is awesome enough, but they have also included a terrific "Upload Manager" with the ability to custom generate "a thumbnail animated sequence". The fact that it takes advantage of the SharePoint 2010 Media Assets Library is extremely powerful.
We loved everything ... this is KILLER!
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