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Support Is Awful

If you need the features of this wiki, they are great when they work. Just don't expect a lot from support when something goes wrong.

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Kwizcom Wiki Plus has a lot of great enhancing features for the SharePoint wiki. And its long as it works.
Support is awful. We have had 4-5 major problems with this software at our corporation. I've been in discussions with them on our most recent ticket for getting close to 3 months, with no more information on it than on day one. I keep getting told "we are working on it." I'm communicating with a guy who has a Chinese name...their first solution was to continue to upgrade to a new version, which actually broke our editor (something that is supposedly fixed in the new evaluation version). Over all the support is unresponsive, and to date hasn't been providing very good solutions.
Version Reviewed
1.2.0 - 1.3.60
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