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Connect the two great products and reduce the silo

Any corp that is using alot of Confluence and SharePoint needs this - to break up the internal wars of which product is better, and to share the wealth of info. That alone pays for itself - seriously, aside from the real work that also is better enabled.

They are both great prods, but they are not both equal products. Share the strengths of both with integrating them - it is that simple.

If you have JIRA too, it also makes sense to break the silo one more level with the JIRA to SharePoint Connector by CustomWare.

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single silo, common sense, reduced system infighting on which is the "right" platform. They both are when you have the luxury to have them both.
I'd argue that adding more powerful search between these systems and any other internal systems is also key. Thunderstone enterprise search ( can search these systems, fileshares (all file types), and others - bringing them all together.
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