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As a consultant, this is possibly the easiest "sell" to an organization. For businesses becoming more and more mobile, you want to make life easier for the end user. Mobile Entrée does this without flaw and perfectly. I have yet to place a device against the product and it has not been able to serve pages just as designed.

The newest feature I have found most useful for the executives is the business intelligence. To be able to have that same mobile experience AND provide the rich BI graphs and charts that is available in SharePoint quickly and easily. The branding aspect is also sweet. The master template is extremely easy to customize and brand for the customers.

Performance is excellent. Every so often, I do notice the browser check errors (on the server logs) but the page itself is still handed to the end user's mobile device.

The price point for Mobile Entrée is good even if you only have 10 mobile devices using your SP environment.

Overall, I would recommend it for every customer. Seeing how mobile is done in SharePoint 2013, I still think Mobile Entrée has a lot easier administration than out-of-the-box SharePoint 2013.

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Easy to implement
End user experience doesn't require zooming in and out
Administration is easy for most administrators
Even worked with a Palm user
Business Intelligence for mobile
Branding capable
Office 365 is not supported for 2013 yet... but they are telling me it will be soon.
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3 and 4
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