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Far more than just a mobile solution!

We bought the Kwizcom product because we needed to provide a mobile UI for our sales people and resellers (that know nothing about SharePoint and how to use it).
With the KWizCom product we were able to build our custom mobile pages using a very simple and easy wizard. We configured the exact fields that we want to show, custom buttons (not the default SharePoint menus such as “check-in, check-out” and others that these users wouldn’t know what to do with them..), custom field-level permissions, field constraints, permissions for views and more.
The result was amazing – clear and simple mobile interface and without any development at all!
Now, the best thing is that it also works for Web!
We configured custom menus and field-level permissions also for our web UI, so our sales web workspace if far more convenient than it was before.

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Very easy to use.
Zero development.
Much more than a mobile solution, it turns the SharePoint list forms into real powerful forms.
The Symbian UI is not as good as the one you get when you’re using iPhone or Android.
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