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The best investment to any SharePoint solution

I have invested plenty of money in 3rd web parts and whatever would make life easier for my SharePoint users. We've all been there; difficulties with installation, no support, explaining to the CFO why the money invested has not shown any results.

I had some difficulty installing the product. Literally, within minutes of emailing technical support I had a response. Like K Chui (another reviewer)Moblie Entree's technical support identified an error in my sharepoint configuration (probably the same reason some of my other 3rd party solutions didn't work), assisted me in correcting the issue, and I was on my to installing the product. I can honestly say they went "out of there way" to ensure I was not only ready to install Mobile Entree but also that I was employing some "SharePoint Best Practices" that I was neglecting. I have never been so pleased with the attention I received as a customer.

Taking the leap into mobile SharePoint couldn't be easier to deploy and even easier to show ROI. I was able to show a clean, rich mobile solution in 30 minutes after installation (25 minutes of that was browsing myself in amazement). The hours of IT labor saved was astounding. The Basic version of Mobile Entree gives you a clean,yet rich interface that even the most challenged user can navigate easily. Our users were not only viewing list items and documents in minutes but were also adding list items and updating document properties even before and instruction or guidance on use.

I'm really hard on 3rd party SharePoint vendors because as we all know, most talk the talk but very few execute. Mobile Entree has set the standard for 3rd Party SharePoint features in mobile development and access.

If you want to finally show what SharePoint Mobile Computing is really like; If you want to impress your corporate execs and your everyday users, Mobile Entree is how you do it.

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Fast, simple deployment
Unprecedented Customer/Technical Support
Visible return on investment
Honestly haven't seen a con (and believe me, I'd tell you if I did)
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