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Simple deployment, enterprise-level results

In my opinion this is one of the better indexers on the market that I have used. Although this product is easy to install/deploy, the core product is very powerful, and you will not be disappointed. The Enterprise Search engine is NOT a SharePoint-specific product. There is a decent amount of confusion out there about this product. You can buy the SharePoint integration product that replaces the search provider in SharePoint, but they did not design this engine for SharePoint, specifically. That is why this product is so powerful. You can very easily add other sources to the index that will immediately be available to all users. Combine that with advanced indexing features such as mirroring and slicing, and you've got a very robust solution for enterprise indexing.

Product Reviews

- Super-simple deployment steps
- Very nice Web UI for administration
- Faceted search OOTB
- Integrates with many products/technologies, not just for SharePoint indexing
- Supports mirrors, slices, distributed indexing and stemming
- Extensible API via .Net, COM and Web Services
- 64-bit compatible
- Can be localized
- VMs are fully supported
- Fast and friendly support
- Can be very expensive for some firms as you are licensed by number of documents indexed
- Documentation is good, but could be a little more thorough
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