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Good product but it rips SharePoint search

Coveo is a good company with a good product. However it is a bit sneaky of them to market themselves as a SharePoint extention technology when they are not. Their product is a complete rip and replace of SharePoint search so essentially if a company has a SharePoint intranet they would be turning off SharePoint search and installing and turning on Coveo.

This may not make sense for a lot of companies financially and also strategically because Microsoft is constantly making updates to the SharePoint platform (FAST aquisition etc) that companies who deploy Coveo will not get to take advantage of.

Product Reviews

Good product with valuable search features.
Third party proprietary search engine.
Rips and replaces the SharePoint search engine.
Breaks the upgrade path for SharePoint.
Essentially customers who have SharePoint would pay twice for a search engine to deploy Coveo.
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