Neverfail Offers Continuous Availability Solution for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Neverfail for SharePoint Server 2010 delivers application aware high availability and disaster recovery for all elements of SharePoint Server including the database and application servers together with search and index servers.

Trend Micro Announces The Upcoming Release of PortalProtect 2.0

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Protecting the SharePoint community for nearly a decade, the newest version of Trend Micro PortalProtect combines Web threat protection, content-filtering and data loss prevention.

Trend Micro has introduced Trend Micro PortalProtect 2.0, which supports the Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 platform and is newly strengthened with Web threat protection and data loss prevention – two new features in the latest version that's unmatched by competing SharePoint protection solutions.

Andy Dale's SharePoint Award Winners 2010

Written by Andy Dale. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

All the votes have been counted and four SharePoint experts from around the globe have awarded their scores. Just to clarify the scoring system follows the Strictly Come Dancing format. The first half of the score comes from the votes cast on website (amazingly over 6000 unique votes were cast). The finalist who received the highest number of votes in each category was given 5 points, then second highest got 4 and so on.

SPTechCon San Francisco - Recap

Written by Mike Ferrara. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

Rather than bore you with a long-winded recap of the conference, I’m giving you a short and sweet highlight of what I thought was important. And since I’m a huge fan of top 10s, 8s or anything “top”, that’s pretty much what I’ve provided here. You’ve probably heard a lot of this stuff already, like I have, but there have been some newer things that were talked about since the public beta was released. And it never hurts to re-read things regarding SharePoint 2010, as it can be quite difficult to remember everything.

Two Key Roles and Requirements for SharePoint Farm Administration

Written by Kathryn Birstein. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

Since Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is an application platform, not just an application, maintaining and managing a SharePoint farm requires many skills. The level of complexity is comparable to SAP, although SharePoint does much more than SAP. The required skills are so broad it’s almost impossible to find them in one person. However, most of what’s required can be found in two roles: System Administrator and SharePoint Development Leader (in many environments, some parts of the System Administrator role can be handled by standard server operation procedures (anti-virus, firewall, etc.).

Virto's Workflow Activities Kit Gets 5 Stars at a University

Posted in Deploying SharePoint

review5 (Rating: 5 out of 5) by Kevin Gunther-Canada, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Working in higher education, I see the need for business process automation on an almost daily basis. Unlike traditional businesses, academia is a difficult environment to attempt to create or impose standardized automated business processes in any real way, since such institutions tend to be highly decentralized and complex environments. SharePoint is a tool that seems to have been developed to address these kinds of business needs: it offers a foundational architecture that suffers from relatively few of the restrictive rules of turnkey solutions, while still providing much of the flexibility of custom-developed applications to address the myriad of unique needs academic institutions tend to have.

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