Titus Labs Now Supports SharePoint 2010 in Metadata Security for SharePoint

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Titus Labs Metadata Security for SharePoint offers organizations an additional layer of security for SharePoint information. It enables administrators to protect any document type or item, and restrict access in SharePoint based on metadata properties, or SharePoint content types. Metadata Security for SharePoint automates the process of creating item level security permissions for sensitive information.

Buying Guide: Easier SharePoint 2010 Migrations: Questions to Help With Vendor Selection

Written by Joel Oleson. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

Why use a SharePoint migration tool when you can upgrade using the built in upgrade methods? Maybe you want to skip 2007 going from 2003 to 2010, or get out of your MOSS enterprise and move into Standard or even WSS. Maybe you want to get out of a site definition or template or from one language template to another. Another reason to use a migration tools is if you already built a rock solid 2010 deployment and just want to get the data moved in. May be you’re finding that moving data on your own with the import or export is changing dates and making you “own” everything… Built in upgrade is designed to get from point A to B, without transformation. But transformation may be your goal.

Colligo Contributor For SharePoint v4.2: New Features & Support for Office 2010

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Newly released version 4.2 of Contributor for SharePoint product line provides Microsoft Office/Outlook 2010 compatibility along with support for new SharePoint 2010 enterprise content management (ECM) features including keyword metadata, document sets, and in-place records management.

QUMAS Launches Enterprise Compliance Solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

QUMAS, a provider of Compliance Solutions to highly regulated companies, launched its Enterprise Compliance Solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The solution addresses all aspects of compliance content and process management, from Clinical through Regulatory, and on to Sales & Marketing, IT and Legal.

Idera's SharePoint Performance, Administration Solutions Support SharePoint 2010

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Idera's SharePoint Admin Toolset and Free SharePoint Performance Monitor Tool Support SharePoint 2010.

Comprised of 11 powerful tools, Idera SharePoint admin toolset is an essential set of utilities used by SharePoint users and administrators for daily SharePoint administration and troubleshooting tasks such as: performing backups, troubleshooting performance issues, analyzing and re-indexing SharePoint content databases, generating essential security reports, etc.

Nevron Software Offers Support for SharePoint 2010

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Nevron Software's Chart and Gauge Web parts from the SharePoint Vision Suite are now available for SharePoint 2010. They are designed to provide SharePoint users and IT Professionals with exceptional reporting and dashboarding features in SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 environments (MOSS and WSS). The Chart and Gauge web parts in the suite are configured visually and directly in SharePoint environment, through an exhaustive web-based interface.

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