Social Squared by Lightning Tools: Fully featured and Well Done Forums Tool

Written by John Chapman. Posted in Social & Mobile Workplace

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Social Squared by Lightning Tools is a wonderful product. It is easy to use, manage, setup, and apply updates. I have also had great interactions with their customer service folks and they are top notch. The only con to this product is no built-in SharePoint Search integration. Searching the forums requires the user to go to the Forum and use the search function there, the SharePoint Search indexer does not see the forum content.

The Power of SharePoint Web Services. Now in the Browser!

Written by Jim Bob Howard. Posted in Deploying SharePoint

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Javascript is a powerful client-side scripting language that allows a developer to do some great things at the presentation layer. jQuery is a robust library that allows a quasi-developer / super user to walk through the DOM with simple commands that wield incredible Javascript power.

SPTechCon Boston 2010 and the Birth of Conference Reviews

Written by Mike Ferrara. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

Another SPTechCon Boston is in the books, and I’m happy to report that attendance more than doubled since last June! The bi-annual conference is held once in San Francisco and once in Boston, and it is certainly turning into one of the more popular SharePoint conferences on the circuit. The only downside to the large increase in attendees is the fact that the venue was overcrowded. That will be addressed next June as the conference will move to another hotel that can suit the bigger crowd. But I look at overcrowding as a good thing, as the show is gaining momentum!

So what about the overall vibe of the conference? And what about the quality of sessions provided and the overall experience as an attendee? This is a question that is always asked of me. And it’s honestly a very difficult one to answer. I personally would recommend several conferences, and they would probably be all for the same reasons. I am fortunate to have many friends in the community, whom I enjoy spending time with while I’m there. That’s a big factor for me, but it’s probably not for someone looking to learn about SharePoint. I also have the goal of meeting with vendors to see what new things they are doing, which may not be something that interests a newcomer either. And it struck me that my opinion of the show is not really what matters. Why write a post about it, when what we really are concerned with is YOUR opinions?

Conference Reviews

To remedy this, we’ve decided to dedicate a new section of the site specifically for SharePoint conference reviews. We’re still mulling over all of the details, but our goal is to allow you to rate SPTechCon Boston 2010 very soon. The process will be as simple and straightforward as rating a product is, except conference reviews will be completely anonymous. We aren’t looking for names; we’re looking for honest opinions without fear of reprisal. Let’s face it. Every conference can improve. Here’s your chance to voice yourself regardless of the experience you had.

The Point

Our goal for this project is to ultimately help foster a better relationship amongst attendees and conference organizers. It costs a lot of money to attend one of these shows, so we want to see what the true value is for attending. This is a win-win scenario. Good reviews help point people to the right resources, and bad reviews help steer resources toward the right goals. That is the focus of this site, and it will remain that way for conference reviews.


Other than participating in the actual review process that will come soon, there’s still time to submit your comments and suggestions on how to go about doing this in the best way. Our methods are here to promote end user acceptance, so we need your guidance most of all. You can simply comment on this post if you have something to share.

Details on rating SPTechCon Boston 2010 and future conferences will drop soon. Stay tuned to this space for more info.

First IP Video Solution for SharePoint is released by VBrick Systems

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Brings Streaming Video to Every Desktop through the Real-Time Collaboration Power of Unified Communications!

VBrick Systems released the first streaming video solution that is fully integrated into Microsoft’s Office Communicator and SharePoint products. This integration enables users to collaborate with co-workers by implementing rich media into the familiar unified communications technologies they use every day (instant messaging, desktop sharing, VoIP, etc.). It brings the power of one-to-many video collaboration to every desktop, and marks the latest in a series of milestones that have positioned VBrick as a leader in establishing streaming video as a critical enterprise collaboration technology.

Access SharePoint Through Your BlackBerry with SilverDust v2.4

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

BlackBerry and SharePoint Mobile Integration with SilverDust v2.4

SoftArtisans has released SilverDust version 2.4, providing mobile workers with BlackBerry mobile access to SharePoint content. SilverDust allows you to access your critical business data stored in SharePoint from wherever you are using your BlackBerry mobile device.

Got Burning SharePoint Questions? Read the Tips, See the Webcasts, Ask the Experts…

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

Today, a joined SharePoint community site is born: Secrets of SharePoint. The site offers Microsoft SharePoint best practice information and educational materials for SharePoint administrators, developers and users. It embraces and extends the rich content provided over the last two years in the “Secrets of SharePoint” educational webcast series held by Idera, and offers a place for SharePoint administrators, users and developers to go when they need answers to their SharePoint questions.

"Secrets of SharePoint" gives members the unique opportunity to ask questions of and get advice from “Experts in Residence”. These SharePoint experts will also share tips, post blogs and host webcasts with helpful news and how-to’s for SharePoint. ...

Idera SharePoint Backup Supports SharePoint 2010

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Recently, Idera released SharePoint backup 2.8 – new version enables out-of-place restore, and compliance with Federal Government Regulations FIPS 140, among other features. SharePoint backup uses innovative technology to ensure the safety and integrity of vital SharePoint content by not only automating the backup and recovery process, but also enabling granular recovery from site collections down to sites, list items and individual documents.

Sanbolic Provides High Availability and Simplified Management for SharePoint

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Sanbolic’s Melio 2010 can now be used to improve availability and management of application and content databases used by SharePoint. When used in conjunction with industry standard SAN storage, Melio simplifies management and improves availability for medium or large SharePoint deployments.

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