Save Time with This New Product that Lets You Automatically Generate Documentation for Your SharePoint Farm

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint is the first SharePoint add-on on the market that automatically documents all your SharePoint farm settings into a single document.

The primary use of the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint is streightforward – automatically documenting all of SharePoint farm configuration settings into a single, properly formatted and structured Microsoft Word document. Farm configuration settings can also be viewed through the software interface without exporting them to a document, providing all relevant setting information in one place instead of having it spread out over different solutions.

Do You Agree with Windows IT Pro Editors' Best Award Winners in the SharePoint Category?

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

Every year Windows IT Pro Magazine’s Editors validate products and services worthy of their Editors’ Best and, based on their readers votes, Community Choice awards. For the Community Choice awards the editorial team asks the community to nominate their favorite products and then release a voting survey to let everyone participate in the final voting phase.  Fair enough. Certainly, we trust the professional opinion of Windows IT Pro Editors, but here is your chance to share your opinion with the SharePoint Reviews readers as well.

KM World’s Trend-Setting Products of 2011 – Congratulations to all Winners!

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

Every year, since 2003, KM World releases the list of trend-setting products for knowledge management. Initially organized into product categories, now it’s a flat ‘Knowledge Management’ list of products (and companies) that includes a broad spectrum of capabilities. Knowledge management isn't an application - it’s an approach to delivering the right information to the right people throughout the entire population of users. It includes Web and enterprise content management systems, enterprise search, document management tools, etc.

SharePoint and Outlook Integration Drives User Adoption

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Business Solutions

In today's business environment, facilitating collaboration and providing ready access to important information is a necessity. For organizations that have chosen SharePoint as their enterprise content management system, extending its functionality through SharePoint/Outlook integration can drive immediate adoption gains.

While SharePoint 2010 is a step forward in ease-of-use, in some cases, users may prefer working in Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint. With effective Outlook to SharePoint integration, users can manage email with SharePoint the way they do with Outlook; for example, by seamlessly dragging and dropping email and attachments to SharePoint.

Transform Complex SharePoint URLs into Short and Friendly Ones

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Web Parts

SusQtech recently launched their newest product - SP URL Manager.  SP URL Manager is an easy-to-use add-on for SharePoint 2010 that allows users to create simple, “vanity” URLs from the lengthy and complex default URLs in SharePoint.

According to Steve Witt, VP of Marketing and Product Development, SusQtech’s clients have asked for a tool such as this one, designed for use in marketing and communications campaigns. Having vanity URLs in campaigns makes URLs more user-friendly, something marketing professionals can surely appreciate. For example, SP URL allows you to change to 

Avoid Legal Problems: e-Discovery with Version Search for SharePoint 2010

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Business Solutions

new-product  If your company is using SharePoint 2010, your business benefits from its rich collaboration abilities and content management capacity. Departmental SharePoint sites multiply and grow, content is structured and classified, documents are shared, and collaboration and team work flourishes. You are getting great results – and then something goes wrong. Here is one of the examples: In January 2011 Delaware’s Chancery Court ordered defendants in the case of Victor Stanley, Inc. vs. Creative Pipe, Inc. to pay over $1 million in damages for the willful loss and destruction of electronically stored information.

Migrate or Integrate? Deploy Search to Accelerate SharePoint 2010 Roll-out.

Written by Martin Muldoon. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

There's an old adage in IT that 'nothing ever goes away'. Retiring legacy systems is a painful, often expensive process, mostly because every system has some useful information in it, but it’s hard to distinguish jewels from junk within that information. There are times when migrating all your content and cutting over to a shiny new system is the right thing to do, and there are many strong content migration products on the market. Sometimes, however, a total migration is simply not necessary nor useful.

We Are Looking for Expert Contributors to Share Their Knowledge

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