Buying Guide: Top 10 Requirements for Offline SharePoint Access

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Social & Mobile Workplace

Client-to-server replication delivers immediate access to SharePoint sites by caching content locally on laptops and PCs. Caching improves user productivity by delivering a consistent SharePoint experience whether information workers are on or off the network and regardless of slow (LAN or WAN) networks performance. In addition to instant access, information workers also benefit from improved usability. Desktop software supports functionality that is not possible with typical web-based applications. For example, users can easily drag-and-drop content and right-click to quickly perform operations.

Choosing the Right Option for Instant Access: SharePoint Replication Technologies Overview

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

Understanding differences between Client-to-Server (a.k.a. Offline Access) and Server-to-Server SharePoint Replication

Practical demands require instant access to information managed in SharePoint whether users are at a remote site in Africa, a local office in the next city, visiting a client site in Asia, or on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The complexity of today’s working environment has led the way for SharePoint replication technologies. Replication is the process of creating, maintaining, and synchronizing multiple copies of SharePoint data. So why are copies of content needed? To deliver fast access to SharePoint, in order to extend adoption and optimize the return on SharePoint investments.

Hot New Feature in SharePoint Backup: Let Users Recover Their Own Documents!

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Idera SharePoint backup includes a Web part for end user self-service recovery!  When the folks at Idera were designing their new SharePoint backup and recovery product they asked SharePoint farm admins what their number #1 problem was. The answer surprised them. It wasn’t disaster recovery, it was content recovery ...

Managing SharePoint Security & Permissions: DeliverPoint or Quest Site Administrator?

Written by Kathryn Birstein. Posted in Security & Governance

SharePoint Product Review & Comparison

Anyone who users SharePoint knows that security is one of its greatest strengths but also one of its greatest weaknesses. Its strength lays in its ability to interface with Active Directory and allow almost all SharePoint objects, sites, libraries, lists, items, documents, folders, etc., to have unique permissions. Its weakness lays in the way it SharePoint displays SharePoint permissions to you.

How to Prevent Outlook Overload with SharePoint

Written by Andy Dale. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

First day back after the Christmas Holidays and many are met with a rather large Inbox, a disease that hits people all over the world at this time of year (as well as the festive-flu and watching 'Santa Claus the Movie' for the tenth time) even with all the Spam Filters working in overdrive the email mountain just keeps growing. How can SharePoint help prevent this overload? ...

CADnection Integrates AutoCAD with SharePoint

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Ensuring effective product development is a constant challenge for companies whose integration of best practices, processes, and software tools is inadequate. The drawbacks include increased time and costs of product development and compromised product quality. However, if you’re an AutoCAD user working for a company where Microsoft’s SharePoint is available — help is here.

FileHold and SharePoint: Working Together for Better Document Management

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Latest release of FileHold Allows for Integration with Microsoft SharePoint!
FileHold is a feature-rich document management software tailored to the needs of medium sized business and departments of large companies.  This product is easy to install and easy to use with a Microsoft “look and feel” and based on Microsoft technologies (Active Directory, .NET, SQL Server and Windows Server) ... 

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