2-in-1 Solution: New Integrated Archiving and Recovery Software by Mimosa

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in SharePoint Product News

new-product Mimosa's new NearPoint for SharePoint Archiving and Recovery solution addresses customer's needs for storage management, legal retention (eDiscovery), and recovery solution, all-in-one. It’s difficult to do this natively in SharePoint because it is deployed in such a distributed manner.  NearPoint not only combines both archiving and recovery features, it also maintains easy end-user access to information...

A Quick Look at The New K2 Blackpoint

Written by SharePoint Reviews Team. Posted in SharePoint Product News

new-product Staying true to our tradition to share practical no-code solutions with SharePoint Reviews’ readers, new K2 blackpoint is certainly worth the coverage. In beta since October 2008, K2 blackpoint was just released and the company already published its first success story with Armitron, a US-based manufacturer and distributor of watches and K2 blackpoint’s early adopter...

Better Than Ever: Bamboo’s World Clock and Weather Web Part, 2.0

Written by Mike Ferrara. Posted in SharePoint Web Parts

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Bamboo’s World Clock and Weather web part is without a doubt one of the most popular free web parts for the SharePoint community. But being free is not the main reason why this web part is so good. It addresses a pretty basic need that SharePoint does not have out of the box.

Cascaded Lookup: Finally, a Simple Solution by SharePointBoost

Written by Andy Dale. Posted in SharePoint Web Parts

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Without fail,  when I and other Officetalk SharePoint Consultants are assisting with SharePoint projects we get the dreaded question: "Yes, but how do I add another level to the list?". Ok,  the wording changes, but they all want to have a drop-down list based on the entry they entered on a previous list.

Quick Look: Free SharePoint Management Tools

Written by Michael Nemtsev. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

SharePoint Product Review & Comparison

In this article we'll review existing tools for SharePoint management. The idea to create this overview appeared after I read that Bamboo solution shipped their own SharePoint Analyzer. My first thought was:“Why do we need another tool, if we already have SharePointSpy and SharePoint Manager?!” So, let’s compare the three free tools and see how the functionality differs.

CorasWorks SharePoint Applications: Build Better. Faster.

Written by Nilesh Mehta. Posted in Deploying SharePoint

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CorasWorks offers a set of two great products that sit on top of Microsoft office SharePoint Server 2007 and help you to take full advantage of your SharePoint implementation. I have used Corasworks components at a few clients including one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

SharePoint 2007 Upgrade with a Domain Migration

Written by Tom Resing. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

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Tzunami Deployer maps SharePoint users from one domain to another, complete with file history and ownership.  A business unit of a larger company has hired MicroLink for a SharePoint Migration Project. We've done a lot of upgrades from the 2003 technologies to the 2007 products, but this one has a twist. The group's SharePoint Portal Server 2003 environment exists in a legacy Active Directory Forest. The new Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment will be on a new Active Directory Forest. You could consider it an upgrade with a domain migration.

Buying Guide: Top 5 Requirements for Server-to-Server SharePoint Replication

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

Server-to-server replication copies and distributes data and objects from one database to another and then synchronizes the content between each of the instances to maintain consistency. One of the most compelling reasons to implement a server-to-server replication solution is its ability to give instant access to SharePoint.

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