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There are so many SharePoint products on the market at the moment and many of them offer so much yet don't quite deliver. They don't quite behave like it says it will on the box and often the supposedly simple install procedure hits problems, but last week I found a product that actually made me go 'wow' in the Officetalk office. The product is called 'Column Protector' by Datapolis.

This simple addition to SharePoint just lets you add permissions to any column on any of your sites. It is a great tool because now you can hide individual columns from users. For example, Payroll and Administration can share the same list but have different security levels. The Payroll Department can see the column that includes how much John Slater earns, but the Administration can only see his basic details.

The part I really like was the quick install. Just a few clicks and the software gave me a list of Portals where I might want to install the extra feature. Within two minutes and without having to read any manuals or pdf's I had added the 'Column Protector' to my SharePoint Sites. All my Lists, Document Libraries, even my Links all had an extra setting listed under 'Settings' called 'SharePoint Content Protector'. Brilliant, and I managed to work out the settings straight away on how to add permissions to columns.

SharePoint Column Protector

It is well worth trying out the easy to install (and easy uninstall) trial version, but at only $150 for up to 70 users it is a must for your SharePoint shopping list.       

The link is, but I was so impressed that I was soon emailing Datapolis discussing a Reseller agreement for OfficeTalk with them.

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