AvePoint's DocAve v5.3 BETA Includes New Storage Optimization Functionality

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new-product AvePoint released a beta version of the DocAve Software Platform v5.3, offering new modules and promising features that enable the efficient management of SharePoint storage.  This latest release introduces the DocAve Storage Optimization Suite, comprised of an enhanced DocAve Archiver module, and the new DocAve Connector and DocAve Extender modules ...

New: DocAve Connector Module

DocAve Connector will keep digital assets on network or cloud file shares. With DocAve Connector, all of SharePoint's functionality, including document versioning, alerts, workflows, metadata customization, and permissioning, can be performed on the "attached" content, delivering precisely the same end-user experience as available to content residing directly within SharePoint.
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New: DocAve Extender Module

DocAve Extender allows for the management of all BLOB (Binary Large Object) content. Leveraging Microsoft's EBS-APIs (External BLOB Storage), DocAve Extender instantly routes all BLOB objects to disk-based storage the moment end-users upload it via the SharePoint interface. With fully customizable triggers based upon file size, administrators have precision control over what BLOB content resides on the SQL database and what is delivered directly to disk-based storage. Though offloaded content never resides within SQL, it is fully accessible and manageable via SharePoint, where end-users can search for, access, and collaborate upon it just as if it was residing within SharePoint's SQL content database.
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Additional enhancements in v5.3

In the v5.3 release, DocAve Migrator will support the full fidelity migration of both Oracle/Stellant and Open Text Vignette content into SharePoint 2007. To ensure a complete and successful migration, DocAve's Pre-Migration Scanner analyzes the proposed migration before any transfer is commenced, and delivers detailed reports itemizing what will transfer successfully, what will not, and why.

Participation in the Beta Release

All modules are independently deployable. To request a 30-day trial of the beta-version visit this page.  GA release is planned for November 2009.

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