Hot New Feature in SharePoint Backup: Let Users Recover Their Own Documents!

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Idera SharePoint backup includes a Web part for end user self-service recovery!  When the folks at Idera were designing their new SharePoint backup and recovery product they asked SharePoint farm admins what their number #1 problem was. The answer surprised them. It wasn’t disaster recovery, it was content recovery ...

Administrators were spending hours each week responding to requests from end users asking them to retrieve lost documents from backups. As their SharePoint farms grew, the task became unmanageable. The farm admins wanted a backup product that was simple enough for a site admin or an end user to use, so that they could delegate the task of document recovery.

Looking at the newly released Idera SharePoint backup product, it’s obvious that their engineers took this input to heart, developing an easy to use self service recovery capability, something that we haven’t yet seen from any other vendor.

Idera SharePoint backup is based around a powerful and easy to use management console (figure 1), enabling a SharePoint farm admin to quickly and easily set up an automated schedule of backups for sites and site collections (figure 2). The console also monitors backup activity to ensure that nothing is missed and enough storage is available.


Pointbackup – Central management console

Figure 1: Idera SharePoint backup – Central management console



Pointbackup – Setting an automated backup schedule

Figure 2: Idera SharePoint backup – Setting an automated backup schedule


Backup and recovery operations are executed by a central service and a history of all backup and recovery operations is kept. The location of every object backed up is cataloged in a central repository, enabling admins to quickly search across all backup files (using a technology Idera calls IntelliSearch™), to locate the content they want to restore ( sites, folders, items, item lists or documents). Restore can then be effected with a single click (figure 3).


Pointbackup – Restore from Management Console

Figure 3: Idera SharePoint backup – Restore from Management Console


Self-service document recovery for site admins and users is enabled by an easy to use Web Part(figure 4).Just like in the management console, the user enters search critera, IntelliSearch™ finds the resultant backups and the user restores in a single click. A point worth noting is that Idera SharePoint backup applies SharePoint security principals when searching and restoring, so users can only see and restore documents to which they have been granted access.


Pointbackup – Self Service Document Recovery Web Part

Figure 4: Idera SharePoint backup – Self Service Document Recovery Web Part



So, all in all, a fresh take on SharePoint backup and recovery, something that we haven’t yet seen from any other vendor. To learn more about Idera SharePoint backup, visit


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# SQL-Tools 2009-08-03 23:19
James the DocAve web site PDF link states: DocAve TrashBin for SharePoint 2003. Other TrashBin references also mention SharePoint 2003.

The Idera 'SharePoint backup' Self-Service recovery Web part allows a user to search all full and incremental backups (V2.0) of WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 Sites and Site Collections.
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# InnaG 2009-07-03 15:11
Hi James, thanks for your comment. I believe that TrashBin is an undelete option for SharePoint 2003 only, and extends the functionality of this feature similarly as the Recycle Bin in SharePoint 2007 (as it was not available in the earlier version of SharePoint). As I understand TrashBin only addresses deleted items, and does not extract them from the actual backups that DocAve performs. Please let me know if this is not the case and I will correct this statement.
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# JamesR 2009-06-30 20:22
The statement that Idera's self service recovery capability is "...something that we haven’t yet seen from any other vendor" is inaccurate. AvePoint's DocAve 4.5 includes TrashBin 1.0, which does exactly that.
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