New XStream Product Enhances SharePoint’s Content Type Deployment Capabilities

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New SharePoint Auto Content Type Publishing product by XStream provides a “one-click” process within the Content Type Hub SharePoint 2010 site and accelerates the deployment.

Normally, the deployment of Content Types is time consuming and manually intensive. To successfully deploy or update Content Types, SharePoint users (such as SharePoint Administrators, Information Management personnel, and deployment teams) are typically required to perform the following manual steps:

  • Navigate to a SharePoint site (that will consume the Content Types pushed from the Content Type Hub site) and manually select the "Refresh all published content types on next update" checkbox.
  • Repeat the step above for each remaining SharePoint site that will consume Content Type updates.
  • Navigate to the Content Type Hub site of the SharePoint farm.
  • Within the Content Type Hub site, select each Content Type that you want to be published to the subscribing SharePoint site collections.
  • For each selected Content Type (within the Content Type Hub site), click the "Manage publishing for this content type" link. Then select either the "Publish" option (if this Content Type has never been published before) or the "Republish" option (if this Content Type has been previously published) and click OK.
  • In the SharePoint Web Application (containing the SharePoint site collections to which the selected Content Types will be published), you must wait for the "Content Type Subscriber" timer job to run, or manually force the job to run from the Central Admin site. Once the job is run, the Content Types will be published.
  • If the SharePoint Administrator chooses to manually force the "Content Type Subscriber" timer job to run, he/she will then need to manually force other timer jobs for each SharePoint Web Application.

But with the XStream SharePoint Auto Content Type Publishing product, SharePoint users are no longer required to spend such a significant amount of time with the Content Type deployment process from the Content Type Hub. The product allows a SharePoint user to easily select specific Content Types to be published to SharePoint sites that subscribe to the Content Type Hub – all through a “one-click” process.

For more information about the XStream SharePoint Auto Content Type Publishing product, visit XStream Software’s web site.

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