Migrate data from Lotus Notes to SharePoint with Quest Notes Migrator

Written by Didier Danse. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

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A few years ago some big companies started to consolidate their Microsoft environment and decided to use SharePoint as their collaboration platform. Without data, software is nothing, so migration phase is really important. There are tools that are available in the market for migrating data from a Lotus Environment to a SharePoint environment. Some of them are using connectors and can be used to move or duplicate data. Some vendors decided to create specialized migration tool to fill this migration need. Quest is one of a few companies that decided to do just that.

Replicator for SharePoint by Metalogix (previously Syntergy): Easy to Install, Quick to Configure

Written by Ron Charity. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

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Review Summary: The Syntergy Replicator for SharePoint provides inter-farm replication services for MOSS 2007 and WWW v3.0. The installation and configuration manuals are well written and provide you with screen shots so you know where to find things and have a sense of context no matter what step you’re in during setup. The user interface matches SharePoint’s look and feel to help reduce the learning curve of administrators. Assuming you have both farms within your grasp, you should be able to setup and configure simple replication within an hour - of course this doesn't include change control and having recent full backups before doing anything to a production system.

Quick Look: Free SharePoint Management Tools

Written by Michael Nemtsev. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

SharePoint Product Review & Comparison

In this article we'll review existing tools for SharePoint management. The idea to create this overview appeared after I read that Bamboo solution shipped their own SharePoint Analyzer. My first thought was:“Why do we need another tool, if we already have SharePointSpy and SharePoint Manager?!” So, let’s compare the three free tools and see how the functionality differs.

SharePoint 2007 Upgrade with a Domain Migration

Written by Tom Resing. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

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Tzunami Deployer maps SharePoint users from one domain to another, complete with file history and ownership.  A business unit of a larger company has hired MicroLink for a SharePoint Migration Project. We've done a lot of upgrades from the 2003 technologies to the 2007 products, but this one has a twist. The group's SharePoint Portal Server 2003 environment exists in a legacy Active Directory Forest. The new Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment will be on a new Active Directory Forest. You could consider it an upgrade with a domain migration.

Buying Guide: Top 5 Requirements for Server-to-Server SharePoint Replication

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

Server-to-server replication copies and distributes data and objects from one database to another and then synchronizes the content between each of the instances to maintain consistency. One of the most compelling reasons to implement a server-to-server replication solution is its ability to give instant access to SharePoint.

Choosing the Right Option for Instant Access: SharePoint Replication Technologies Overview

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

Understanding differences between Client-to-Server (a.k.a. Offline Access) and Server-to-Server SharePoint Replication

Practical demands require instant access to information managed in SharePoint whether users are at a remote site in Africa, a local office in the next city, visiting a client site in Asia, or on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The complexity of today’s working environment has led the way for SharePoint replication technologies. Replication is the process of creating, maintaining, and synchronizing multiple copies of SharePoint data. So why are copies of content needed? To deliver fast access to SharePoint, in order to extend adoption and optimize the return on SharePoint investments.

How to Prevent Outlook Overload with SharePoint

Written by Andy Dale. Posted in Administration & Infrastructure

First day back after the Christmas Holidays and many are met with a rather large Inbox, a disease that hits people all over the world at this time of year (as well as the festive-flu and watching 'Santa Claus the Movie' for the tenth time) even with all the Spam Filters working in overdrive the email mountain just keeps growing. How can SharePoint help prevent this overload? ...

CADnection Integrates AutoCAD with SharePoint

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Ensuring effective product development is a constant challenge for companies whose integration of best practices, processes, and software tools is inadequate. The drawbacks include increased time and costs of product development and compromised product quality. However, if you’re an AutoCAD user working for a company where Microsoft’s SharePoint is available — help is here.

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