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SharePoint Backup and Recovery Solution Comparison

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SharePoint Product Review & Comparison

Curt Spanburgh of Windows IT Pro has recently evaluated four SharePoint Backup and Recovery solutions. His team tested the latest products from Quest Software, AvePoint, Syntergy, and Symantec, and found a wide array of capabilities and features for users of SharePoint 2007.

Unforfunately, missing from the comparison are other popular products: CommVault Galaxy Backup and Recovery for SharePoint and Data Protection Manager by Microsoft. If you are running an EMC shop you should also take a look at EMC NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications.

Curt Spanburgh’s conclusion: “All four products reviewed reflect their vendor’s perception of what a SharePoint administrator needs. If you already have Backup Exec, you can’t go wrong by purchasing Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft SharePoint. Recovery Manager for SharePoint could be the right choice for administrators who are new to SharePoint (or just overworked), and it has a great price point. Replicator provides a unique method of disaster recovery that preserves the state of your SharePoint data, and DocAve is the total-control solution that large, dynamic SharePoint environments need. Although I was impressed with all the packages, DocAve 4.5 stands out as the most complete solution, and it’s my pick for Editor’s Choice.”

Here is a quick summary of the 4 reviewed solutions:

Quest Recovery Manager DocAve 4.5 Backup and Recovery Syntergy Replicator for SharePoint Standard Edition Symantec Backup Exec Agent for SharePoint
4 out of 5 4 ½ out of 5 3 out of 5 3½ out of 5
Allows granular recovery; can recover data from SharePoint databases; inexpensive; helpful installation process exposes problems before deployment; familiar interface The most complete package reviewed; has additional tools for site collection management (requires purchasing of additional modules) Eliminates the need to upgrade marginal bandwidth for remote-site replication; offers a unique approach to disaster recovery by using replicates on other production servers as a recovery source; vendor works closely with customers to help with customization Performs well in basic backup and recovery of items in list and document libraries; includes the agent to back up the SQL Server databases; leverages existing Backup Exec infrastructure
Requires a deeper-than-usual knowledge of SharePoint’s administrative interface and command-prompt tools Difficult learning curve; giant user manual; expensive Expensive; not a true backup and recovery solution Requires the basic Backup Exec server product
$4,995 per front-end server $2,995 per front-end server (new DocAve 5.0 release is $3,495 per each server in the farm) $25,000 for the first two servers and $7,500 for each additional server $1,095.99 for a single-server environment
Quest Recovery Manager
The uncomplicated interface and pared-down options make this a good, easy-to-use option for the junior administrator.
DocAve 4.5 Backup and Recovery
If you have a large, complex, and busy SharePoint deployment, this is the package you want.
Syntergy Replicator for SharePoint
This product should be used in conjunction with one of the other products tested here for backup and recovery of granular data in your content databases. For the right scenario, it provides a layer of data integrity that’s impossible with native tools alone.
Symantec Backup Exec Agent for SharePoint
This product is a logical choice for a shop that already has a Backup Exec system. If you need more than backup and restore, look at the other products reviewed in this article.

Read complete review at Windows IT Pro

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