New Features of ControlPoint 3 Greatly Assist in SharePoint Governance

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Axceler just release its ControlPoint’s new version, ControlPoint 3, with new functionality that deserves special attention. The tool delivers brand new capabilities that lets you be proactive about your SharePoint administration, including: alerting, moving sites, policy management, and scheduled analysis.

Experts say that the best way to avoid future problems is by thinking ahead and putting a solid, best-of-breed SharePoint infrastructure in place. "If you don't do SharePoint right the first time, you are going to spend twice as much the second time," said Errin O'Connor, founder and CEO at EPC, a Houston consulting firm that handled dozens of Enterprise SharePoint deployments.  ControlPoint 3, as part of that SharePoint infrastructure, can help you avoid the impact as well as the costs of violating your governance policies you hopefully set in place.

From Axceler: “ControlPoint 3 is the only administration software that seamlessly lets you analyze and enforce SharePoint permissions, analyze activity storage and content, clean up user accounts, move content within farms or between farms, enforce policies and audit SharePoint environments.”

Top new features of ControlPoint 3 that support your SharePoint Governance policies include:

1. ControlPoint Alerts

Are you sure that your team is following the governance policies you've put in place?  Can you tell if someone makes a change to permissions?  The ability to be alerted to changes within your SharePoint environment is critical to enforcing the governance policies you’ve defined.  ControlPoint 3 includes functionality to ensure you are automatically alerted to critical changes to your SharePoint environment – like permissions changes or sites created/deleted.  With ControlPoint 3 you can monitor changes to whether security inheritance has been broken, a new SharePoint group has been created, a user’s permissions have been changed and many other changes.  And then, ControlPoint alerts the designated recipient whenever any of those changes are made within the SharePoint environment.


2. SharePoint Audit and Change Log Analysis

The new ControlPoint 3 Audit Log Analysis and the new Change Log Analysis makes it easy to track the activity of a specific individual in your environment within any scope of your farm, for any period of time or to report on specific events (or any combination of those).  So, for example, you can search for all events that the site admin performed in the past 2 weeks or you can look for all users who changed permissions across the Web Application where the MySites are defined.  Other examples of the analysis include: find all users who created a new SharePoint group or report on any site across the farm where permissions inheritance was broken.   ControlPoint’s detailed usage reporting also includes the date and time of the event.

3. Move / Copy sites: upgrade/downgrade, deploy test to production

When you deployed SharePoint, you made decisions about the farm hierarchy – what content would be in Site Collections vs. Sites, how many Web Applications to create, etc. However, as your Farm grows, you may need to move or copy your content, i.e. promote some Sites into Site Collections or demote Site Collections into Sites.  Reorganization of the company, new groups asking for new/more extensive applications than were originally conceived or any number of other reasons can lead to the need to restructure your SharePoint farm.  Along with architectural/business drivers mentioned, the ability to easily move content between your test environment and your production environment is essential.  In an ever changing/ constantly growing SharePoint environment, best practices require that all new functionality is deployed on a test environment and then moved to production.  




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