New Training Class: SharePoint 2010 Document and Records Management, by SharePoint Solutions

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Beginning in mid-March of 2013, SharePoint Solutions will offer classes that help SharePoint 2010 users step up from document storage to document and records management.  SharePoint Solutions’ new four-day hands-on course, “Designing SharePoint Document Management and Records Management Systems in SharePoint 2010,” is designed to help students discover how they can leverage some of SharePoint’s most underused features to streamline and “power up” document management and records management in their organization.

For most organizations, document management is really just document storage - a move from file shares on servers to digital storage in SharePoint. But SharePoint can do so much more.  In this course students will learn how to design and create sophisticated document management systems, making it possible for them to:

  • Simplify document creation, organization and discovery for end users
  • Control and improve document distribution
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Decrease costs and increase efficiency
  • Take SharePoint to the next level in their organization

This is a non-technical course aimed primarily at information architects, power users and managers in a wide variety of workplace scenarios. It is broadly applicable and highly practical.

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See a list of available class dates - Upcoming classes scheduled in Nashville and in Chicago.

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