Save Time with This New Product that Lets You Automatically Generate Documentation for Your SharePoint Farm

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Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint is the first SharePoint add-on on the market that automatically documents all your SharePoint farm settings into a single document.

The primary use of the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint is streightforward – automatically documenting all of SharePoint farm configuration settings into a single, properly formatted and structured Microsoft Word document. Farm configuration settings can also be viewed through the software interface without exporting them to a document, providing all relevant setting information in one place instead of having it spread out over different solutions.

Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint also enables administrators to compare farms. It supports tracking of changes within a single farm or comparing different farms. By highlighting the differences, it helps administrators find the misconfigurations and eases settings optimization.

Here is what Keith, a SharePoint Consultant wrote about this product: "As a consultant at the end of the SharePoint implementation I must deliver documentation for the farm, the IPs, name of the server, keys, edition, SharePoint specific settings, you name it. It was a painful and boring c/p job because I needed to search through the SharePoint settings and write everything down in one document. Not to mention if somebody else reconfigured some farm and then documentation wasn't up to date. Now the documentation is ready in few seconds, and farm differences or changes are detected automatically. I can choose the level of details that will be delivered to the client. Not to mention if I deploy the farm that is not on the internet and then I am not able to access the farm from the outside and I need to check one setting. I can bring the farm information with myself and load it on my personal PC for later review. Love the tool. Really makes my life easier."

These are core benefits of the product:

  • Save time creating documentation - options include a number of ways to create documents
  • Receive notifications of changes
  • View and monitor trends over time
  • Helps create various farms with the same configuration - use it for staging and production, various departmental deployments, etc.

Note that you can see a complete example on the vendor website - no registration required to download.

Pricing and Availability

The product is available in Farm and Consultant edition. The Farm edition is licensed per number of SharePoint farms, it is perpetual and starts at $299 for 1 farm. The Consultant edition is a subscription type, licensed per number of users and covers unlimited number of farms, starting at $499 annually for 1 user. The Farm edition is suitable for in-house SharePoint implementation, while the Consultant edition is created for IT consultants that want to generate documentation of all systems they implement with a single license.

Additional information, as well as a fully functional trial version, is available at

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