Migrate data from Lotus Notes to SharePoint with Quest Notes Migrator

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A few years ago some big companies started to consolidate their Microsoft environment and decided to use SharePoint as their collaboration platform. Without data, software is nothing, so migration phase is really important. There are tools that are available in the market for migrating data from a Lotus Environment to a SharePoint environment. Some of them are using connectors and can be used to move or duplicate data. Some vendors decided to create specialized migration tool to fill this migration need. Quest is one of a few companies that decided to do just that.

Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint (NMSP) can be used easily. You just have to define fields that will be used from Lotus Notes, those from the SharePoint site (local or remote as we can use Web Service connection), map Lotus Notes fields with SharePoint fields and that’s all! It is how the simplest mode works.

Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint is able to preserve data like creation date or security settings (it preserves equivalent of authors and readers fields and Lotus Notes roles). You are able to create SharePoint list based on Lotus Notes fields with this tool. Furthermore, you can also easily modify data during migration by using formulas (with Formula language) on fields, or map Lotus Notes users to SharePoint users easily. For information on this product, please refer to Quest web site.



Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint is in fact a pack of tools: NMSP Designer, NMSP Console and NMSP Web Service. Jobs creation is done with the Designer. Console is used to analyze and have an overview of applications in Lotus Notes but also to manage, organize and schedule jobs execution. Each tool can be installed without installing complete pack. Installation of these components through wizard is quite simple and some steps are really useful. Web Service is used when it is not possible to use NMSP Designer on the SharePoint server.




Licensing model is easy to understand: one license is required per source database replica. With a lot of databases, migration can be expensive, but losing data can be even more expensive. Last but not least, Quest support is very responsive and sends every time feedback about issue, question or suggestion you send.

Didier Danse
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