Virtual Training Center For SharePoint 2007

Virtual Training Center For SharePoint 2007

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Virtual Training Center For SharePoint 2007

The Virtual Training Center (VTC) for SharePoint 2007 is a complete set of over 100 expertly produced, self-paced tutorial modules designed to empower every user and maximize the value of every SharePoint feature.

With VTC, IT and help desk personnel will no longer be overloaded with SharePoint questions and training tasks. And it installs in minutes on your server allowing instant on-demand access for everyone in your organization.

The VTC for SharePoint 2007 is an effective way to train and assist the different roles in your SharePoint implementation through a wealth of short and professionally produced videos that are highly integrated and always available in your SharePoint portal.

VTC for SharePoint 2007 can be installed on your SharePoint server as a site and be shared among all your SharePoint users. The videos are categorized in such a way that makes it easy for your SharePoint users to browse and access a particular training module to answer a specific, immediate need, as well as allow for self-paced training in a particular subject, with a broad spectrum of topics that range from the most basic end user tasks to some of the most advanced issues SharePoint administrators face. The video training modules included in the VTC for SharePoint 2007 are produced with the highest production quality, making the training process enjoyable and understandable.


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