Tree View Web Part by Bamboo Solutions

Tree View Web Part by Bamboo Solutions

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Tree View Web Part by Bamboo Solutions

An important element for any SharePoint project management portal application.  The Tree View Web Part provides users with the familiar Windows Desktop Explorer navigation, allowing them to maneuver through any SharePoint list, document or picture library.  Using folders in document libraries and grouping within the list views, users can organize any SharePoint list, library, discussion, wiki or site collection to display the hierarchy within.  Users can group and display similar items into folders, such as high priority tasks, making it easier to navigate through large data sets. And now, in version 1.4 or higher, you can access a wide variety of data sources from Tree View via MashPoint.

  • Configure a tree view for any list, document library, picture library, Wiki library and Discussion Board.
  • Navigate document libraries with folders using the tree control.
  • Display and allow users to view grouped items in a tree format, making it easier to navigate.
  • Allow user to quickly switch between list views to display the content of any tree node.
  • This Web Part is Ajax-enabled. There are no annoying post-backs when navigating the tree.
  • Display site hierarchy for easy navigation of site collection or display only the sites under the current site.
  • Automatically expand library items in tree down to 3 levels.
  • Fully functioning List, Library, Discussion and Wiki toolbar menus.
  • Customize translation of Web Part user interface. 
  • View discussion threads from the tree.

Folder items are displayed in the left pane while their contents are displayed in the right pane. The user clicks to expand a folder item in the left pane to view sub folders. Users select a folder to view its contents in the right pane. When displaying a SharePoint List, the tree hierarchy is based on the Group By configuration of the selected list view. In other words, if you selected to display your Tree View items in the All Tasks view and you configured the All Tasks view to be grouped by status and then by priority, then each grouping is displayed in the left pane as a folder and displays the items related to that grouping in the left pane. Users can also choose to view items in different views by selecting another view from the Current View drop-down box.


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perfect for small sites... improvements needed for

This tree view web part functions well within one list or library. You can also configure it to see all sites within your Sharepoint portal, but cannot navigate lists/libraries and into sites at the same time. When this feature is supported, it'll be a really good product to use.

Installation was simple, and though had minor errors, it went pretty smoothly.

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useful feature for small site
does not expand beyond one list or library and does not navigate between sites simultaneously
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