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Office365 Bulk Uploader

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Office365 Bulk Uploader created by Cogn-IT BVBA fastens the migration to Office365. It was created for one single purpose - fast and easy migration off with metadata enriched files from windows folders to Office365 document libraries. With its intuitive user interface End Users, Power Users and Administrators can quickly copy and enrich their files from their personal computer or server file share to Office365.


Upload multiple folders and subfolders at once

Office365 Bulk Uploader gives you the possibility to upload a folder and an unlimited amount of subfolders in just a few clicks. Users can select their root folder and/or subfolders, enrich all the documents with metadata and upload them in one command.

 Mass Metadata update

In the tagging section of the Office365 Bulk Uploader users can tag several files at the same time; this comes in very handy in the following scenarios:

  • Apply the same metadata to several files from one subfolder
  • Apply the same metadata to several files with the same name or attributes coming from different subfolders

Check for conflicts before uploading

Office365 Bulk Uploader checks for different types of conflict before starting the migration.
This allows you to solve the issue before the migration and not having to troubleshoot after the migration.

 Check in/Check out documents during the migration and not after

Office365 Bulk Uploader allows you to check in or check out documents during the migration, allowing you to control what documents users can see and/or edit during the upload and not after. With the standard SharePoint features users must first upload documents from one folder, then apply metadata to them and only afterwards they can check in or check out documents.

Migration Logging

The Office 365 Bulk Uploader keeps track and shows you the results of your upload jobs in order to make sure that no files are left behind, forgotten or corrupted.


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5.0  (1)
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(Updated: September 28, 2013)

Fast migration!

5 star rating. low price, saves a lot of time, good support.

Product Reviews

This tool reduced the time needed for the migration dramatically, I only needed a one time monthly subscription so it was very cheap to.
The adding metadata part was a little unclear to me so I called support, they were very helpful and friendly, got me going in no time.
I initially wanted to use it on a mac, but the tool is only for windows computers.
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