Bulk Loader for SharePoint by Syntergy

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Bulk Loader for SharePoint by Syntergy

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With Bulk Loader for SharePoint you can load thousands of documents into SharePoint at once. Included is the ability to load document owner and creation date attributes. Metadata files can be used to specify attributes or basic document system attributes such as owner, creator, location, and version information.

Load Users and Groups using simple .CSV files. This new user and group loading feature allows you to assign new users and groups to a document library as part of the loading process.

Easy But Powerful Metadata Specification. Metadata is defined in simple .CSV (comma separated file) format files. This can be as easy as creating an Excel spreadsheet and saving as a .CSV file. CSV is also one of the most frequently used file formats and is supported by many applications and utilities.

A great feature of the Bulk Loader is the ability to run it constantly in the background or on a specific schedule. Through the use of a special Administration page, the application can be set to monitor any number of different "drop-off" directories for incoming documents. These documents are then processed and loaded into your system automatically. It is great for loading documents from the desktop (or central file servers) or from other applications that do not have API capabilities.

  • Load all types of documents, images and data.
  • Load users and groups.
  • Load document attributes.
  • Create document libraries and folders on the fly.
  • Load tasks including attachments.
  • Load discussions, complete threads and attachments.
  • Run in real-time or batch mode.
  • Complete log file of load activities provided.


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