SharePoint Google Directions (CodePlex)

SharePoint Google Directions (CodePlex)

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SharePoint Google Directions (CodePlex)

Google Directions web part allows a user to enter start and destination details (place name, post code, zip code etc.) and click "Get Directions". A pop up will appear showing Google Directions in accordance with the configuration options chosen in the toolpane.

Configuration Options:

  • Logo URL: defaults provided for .com and Google Maps. Alternatives can be uploaded and referenced if required.
  • Google Domain: Default: - Change to .com for US, .de for German etc.
  • Map Type: All current Google options supported. Map, Satellite, Hybrid & Terrain
  • Extra Options: Recently added to Google Maps - Options: None (default), Photos, Wikipedia & Both.
  • Overview Map: on (default) / off
  • Traffic: on (default) / off (if supported in that country)

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