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Effective, Cost Effective, With some limitations

Was deploying a company intranet solution using SharePoint.

Wanted to make a splash, and have an enhanced look and feel. This product fit the bill.

Many folks that were familiar with SharePoint from previous experiences we blown away.

Deploys in about an hour's work. Have had no admin issues related to the product whatsoever...


If you are piling on 3rd party web parts or other customizations, bear in mind they are written with the base SharePoint templates in mind, test them first you may be surpised what this thing will do to them in terms of how they display.

The nintex workflow build screen definately does not get along at all with these skins...I don't really hold it against them however...Just an observation.

Overall I am pleased, and would do it again, and likely will...

Product Reviews

- Many choices to choose from
- Compared to what it would cost us to do it ourselves, was a steal.
- Instructions we clear and well thought out.
- People picker doesn't quite line up right...
- Does not get along well with others such as Nintex Workflow.
- If you call MS Support on a SharePoint issue - They will immediately bail because this represents a customization to them. (Just switch the site to a normal template b4 they see it)
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