Data-Viewer Web Part by Bamboo Solutions

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Data-Viewer Web Part by Bamboo Solutions

The Bamboo Data-Viewer Web Part displays SharePoint list/library, SQL table/view, Bamboo List Rollup or Business Data Catalog data without the need for creating a data view which requires the purchase of SharePoint Designer. Like the data views you can create with SharePoint Designer, you can allow dynamic grouping, filtering and sorting, exporting items to Microsoft Excel, and customizing the CSS or changing the Web Part skin. In addition, you can display nested child SharePoint list, SQL table/view, or List Rollup data. You can also perform inline editing of data, including SQL and List Rollup, apply conditional formatting and calculations to both the master data and the nested child data, and -- with proper permissions -- access Lists and List Rollup data-views from all across your SharePoint farm.

Some of the things you can do with the Data-Viewer Web Part:

  • Group By: Drag and drop column headings to the bar at the top of the Web Part to group the data. Drag as many columns as you want to display sub-groups of data.
  • Sort: Click the column headings to sort ascending, descending, or not sort at all. Sort master and nested child data separately.
  • Filter: Filter the data by entering a value in the filter text box displayed at the top of each column. Enter the filter value for one column, then click the Filter icon. Select from a list of comparison operators, such as equal to, contains, starts with, etc.
  • Export to Excel: Export your parent and child data to Microsoft Excel separately by clicking the respective export button.
  • Inline Edit: Click the Bamboo Edit icon to edit your master data (SP List or List Rollup) directly within the Web Part interface.
  • Add New Item: Click the Add New Item link at the bottom left of the Data-Viewer Web Part to enter in new item information in a pop-up form for SharePoint List and Library data sources.
  • Nested Data: Users can expand the node to view nested child data. If the Web Part is configured for a SharePoint List, then you can choose to display the Title column with link to the item and/or the Edit icon in the master list (if you've added it to your list view). You can also choose this Title column type to display in the child list data. Users can click the Title link (or the Edit icon) to go to the Edit form for the master or child item from the Web Part.
  • Conditional Formatting: Configure the Web Part to format column cells or entire rows of data based on the value of a specified column. You can conditionally format the master data as well as the nested child data.
  • Calculations: Configure the Web Part to label, format and apply a sum, average, count, min or max calculation on master and/or nested child column values.

Expanded control over the columns displayed:

  • Specify individual column widths -¬†Manually give important columns such as item descriptions the room it deserves with a wider column.
  • Column Aliases - "Column" might mean something different to each audience. Provide a column alias for your audience that will be using this instance of Data-Viewer Web Part.
  • Improved column positioning - Similar to SharePoint Views, select what position from the left to display columns. Refresh the grid to reorder based on the defined position for ease of management.
  • Allow your end users to resize columns by dragging the column header borders left and right when they interact with the Web Part. This will only affect their view and no one else's.
  • Also in runtime, allow users to add and remove columns on-the-fly if they require additional details.
  • Allow Scrollbar - You can place Data-Viewer Web Part in the small space and, as a result, display scrollbars which allow the user to navigate within the grid content, leaving the Column Header and footer alone. If you do not want the column width to shrink, select the "Use Static Headers" option to allow the columns to span left and right beyond the limit of the Web Part borders.

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