Task Aggregator Web Part by WebPartGallery

Task Aggregator Web Part by WebPartGallery

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Task Aggregator Web Part by WebPartGallery

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Task Aggregator Web Part consolidates the tasks of your organization from multiple SharePoint Task Lists in a centralized and robust Grid View for which your organization’s users can easily utilize. The Task Aggregator Web Part allows you to add multiple tasks lists together as one single data source.

The Web Part also allows for configurable paging, item menus, and the possibility to choose the specific fields you would like displayed in the aggregated view. (Title, Assigned To, Status, Priority, Percent Complete, Start Date, Due Date, etc).

The Task Aggregator Web Part comes with comes with a robust installer to allow it to be easily deployed within any SharePoint environment.

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4.0  (1)
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Great Webpart

This is a great webpart. Management wanted to be able to see consolidated tasks in one central area. This tool delivered that.

Product Reviews

Great webpart. Easy to use and understand.
There was some minor issues using the installer to install the webpart. Kept getting an error message in the Solutions management. I learned that Solution Management will say it is not installed when actually it is.
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