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FilterZen Filter Web Parts

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FilterZen is a Filter Web Part for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 Standard /  Enterprise that provides different filters for many kinds of SharePoint contents, including custom and out-of-the-box List and  Document Library Views and Web Parts as well as Data View Web Parts.  Dynamically filter WSS, MOSS and BDC Lists, Document Libraries, Data Views and other Web Parts on the fly, automatically or interactively, choosing from a wide range of specialized filtering mechanisms. 

FilterZen's Free Micro License (unlimited Farms, unlimited Sites, up to three users per Site Collection) is great for independent developers, rapid prototyping and small teams.

Features include:

  • Full support for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 Standard or Enterprise, and all major browsers
  • Multi-lingual, with native speaker localizations in English and German
  • Combination of multiple filters or multiple filter-receiving targets in a single Web Part
  • Page Request Filters filter from the URL query string, URL path fragments, posted form data or server-side variables
  • Text Filters filter from predefined or interactively entered text
  • Choice Filters filter from interactively picked values from a predefined set of choices
  • Date Filters filter from absolute or date-relative, predefined or interactively picked/entered date values
  • User Filters filter from pre-defined or interactively picked SharePoint users
  • List Lookup Filters determine a filter value dynamically, or let users pick one interactively, from a predefined List lookup
  • Page Column Filters determine a filter value dynamically from column values associated with the parent Web Part Page
  • Full control over empty filter value handling
  • Pre-filter interactive filter choices by List data
  • Block some or all-except-some filter values
  • All Filter and Web Part settings URL-overridable
  • High-detail interactive diagnostics right within the Web Part in edit mode
  • Optional auto-generated interactive filters
  • Optionally remember each user's filter values last used
  • Interactive filtering controls fully CSS-customizable, two styles ("skins") built-in
  • Customizable captions
  • Support for calculated fields


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