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SharePoint List Aggregator by KWizCom

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SharePoint List Aggregator lets you easily aggregate data from a variety of lists and libraries, into a single clear, great looking consolidated view! Now, easier than ever, available both in MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 - True aggregation capabilities - across sites, site collections and even web applications!

KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator is aimed to solve the following issues:

  • WSS users have no means of aggregation because Content Query web part exists only on MOSS.
  • The content query web part is very hard to use; for simple tablelike rendering you are required to edit complex xsl files.
  • The content query web part can only aggregate data from sites located in a single site collection.

KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator web part provides ultimate aggregation capabilities plus some great usability features that make it easy to use and deploy.

  • Support grouping and sorting: KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator enables you to group number of lists from the entire site collection or a specific list from a single site. You can group the list items by site or by a list property. Sorting is available by all the list properties or by site name.
  • Drag & drop columns functionality: When adding KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator to your web part page in editing mode, it is possible to change the columns order by dragging & dropping list columns.
  • Ability to use views: With KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator you can use the available views to present to your users and users can change the current view by choosing a different view in the views drop down control.
  • Different skins: KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator enable you to change the web part's look and feel easily by choosing one of the various great-looking skins.
  • Export to CSV and PDF: With KWizCom SharePoint List you can export the list items to PDF format by clicking on  or to CSV format by clicking on
  • In-place list item editing: With KWizCom SharePoint List you can edit list item in the web part itself without navigating to a different page
  • Enable filtering: You can filter your list items by all kind of filter options like: contains, stars with, equal to and etc.

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3.2  (3)
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(Updated: October 29, 2013)

KwizCom List Aggregator web part

overall a nice product to use but faced few issues related to data filtering.

Product Reviews

aggregates across different web applications and sites

automatic update allows real time data at the list/item level while caches at the view level

very easy to add, use and configure on a particular SharePoint site
filtering options on the columns do not allow for limiting the number of filter conditions.
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Cross Web App aggregation and caching web part is

Having been a SharePoint Admin for five years I know how tempermental SharePoint can be when installing new code. Installation of the List Aggregator and Enchanced Caching tool was the easiest installation and configuartion I have ever done.
This product is truly amazing. It is SharePoint's site aggregator on steroids. We were able to aggregate 17 web applications in our farm to one single view of data for our executives. Aggregation of this data takes less than a minute and displays in a user friendly look and feel.

Product Reviews

aggregates across web applications

provides real time data at the item level while caches at the view level

easy to use and configure
filtering options on the columns do not allow for limiting the number of filter conditions. It was a little overwhelming for my caliber of user.
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Content Types not supported

Would be really interested to hear if anyone else has managed to get this configured for Content Types. I can't be the only one with this problem and if it's something obvious I'm missing, I'd be happy to re-assess my review.

Product Reviews

I have nothing nice to say about this product. If you're using a really simple out of the box list, like Tasks (which is the only example in their documentation) you'll be fine. But if you're using a custom list, or even worse a content type, forget about trying to make this work. I'm extremely frustrated that their lack of 'useful' documentation and completely unintuitive interface for configuring aggregations. I'm moving on and going to try the Bamboo rollup.
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latest version as of the date of this post
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