Ultimate JQuery Header Web Part by Bind

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Ultimate JQuery Header Web Part by Bind

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The Ultimate JQuery Header is a slideshow webpart, fully based on JQuerytechnology. Including several types of navigation between slides, itallows you to create professional image slideshows, also providingvarious types of slide transition effects. 100% Javascript/CSS based,it does not require plug-ins.

The Ultimate JQuery Header Web Part allows you to add an animated listing of a SharePoint site’s images into your SharePoint site. The Web Part searches for “Picture Library” lists in a given URL, and also allows you to select the picture library from a listing of web applications on the SharePoint server.

The Web Part is fully customizable, letting you change the look and feel to meet your needs. This is achieved with simple CSS and JavaScript, making it a powerful feature with low performance requirements. The JQuery effects available bring new features such as different transition effects between pictures, and different navigation types.

Select pictures from Sharepoint Lists
Ultimate JQuery allows you to select your images from a Sharepoint list in any portal available on the server, keeping the module updated according to the items on the list. Each images's settings are also stored as columms in the list.

100% JavaScript and CSS
Ultimate JQuery Header is a 100% Javascript/CSS based slideshow DNN module, combining images and text to create "slides", as well as (slide) navigation

W3C CSS and XHTML Compliant
Ultimate JQuery Header has been fully tested for W3C compliance

Multi-language support
Being CSS based, Ultimate JQuery supports virtually ANY language; no more need to embed character sets

Slide Transition Effects
Choose among 5 types of slide transition effects, from fades to horizontal and vertical sliding

Change Navigation Style

You can change between None, Numbered, Side Arrows or Centered Arrows.

Delay Time
Set the delay between 2 slides

Show/Hide Parts
You can chose to show or hide navigation bar, titles, boxes of text, image (you can apply one image and one background), background and link

Adjustable width and height
You can easily specify the height and width of the slideshow, flexibly defining the header to fit 100% of the destination area

Add Multiple Instances
Easily add several instances of the module across your website

Support guaranteed

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4.0  (2)
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OK, but not slick.

This webpart is fully automated, easy to set up and delivers all the functionality you require from a banner webpart.

However, the fundamental problem I have with this is that the transitions OOB are poor. No transitions are applied to the following image in the queue, so it just blinks into appearance, ruining the fluidity of the previous effect. It's a small thing to fix, but a support call to fix this was refused, on the grounds that

"having them [transitions] work another way would bring issues and compromise user customization options to the web part."

Product Reviews

A lot of automation, easy to set up.
Transitions are poorly implemented.
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Best Banner for SharePoint - Amazing Support

I went with Bind's tool because I thought it was the best looking and contained all the functionality I needed.

I purchased, downloaded and installing this webpart then had it up and running all within about 48 hours. About 5 minutes to install it, and 10 to configure it just the way I wanted it.

The only issue I had was not being able to decide the ordering of the banner content. It always used the default SharePoint ID field, and did not allow me to change it. So it was actually putting my newest banner at the end of the list.

I emailed the support staff and one of the developers actually coded it in for me and released the new .wsp to me. How awesome is that?

Bind is an excellent developer and people need to be on the lookout for these guys. I can't recommend this product enough. You can contact me personally if you need any more information.

Bind rocks!

Product Reviews

JQuery is the way to go these days.
Brilliant and clean looking end result.
Highly customizable.
Works as advertised. No bs.
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