SharePoint Picture Library Plus Web Part by KWizCom

SharePoint Picture Library Plus Web Part by KWizCom

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SharePoint Picture Library Plus Web Part by KWizCom

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The SharePoint Picture Library Plus web part provides convenient display capabilities for your SharePoint Picture Libraries or any other SharePoint document list. It provides a great image gallery display for portals and internet web sites.

The KWizCom Picture Library Plus connects to any standard SharePoint library and presents its residing images in two convenient displays:

1. Gallery Display: In this display, the images are presented in a matrix form. You can customize the number of rows/columns of this gallery view and the width and height of the images.

2. Presentation Display: In this display, each image is presented in a different page. You can customize the width and height of the image to fit your needs.

The user may also choose to combine the two displays into one. As the mouse hovers above the images, a tooltip pops up with the image selected properties fields (this feature is available in every display option).

KWizCom Picture Library Plus is designed for flexible customizations; you can customize almost any GUI aspect, including:

  • Captions
  • Displayed image sizes
  • Displayed metadata
  • Overall layout


  • Combined gallery and presentation displays  
  • Customizable display image size  
  • Customizable display layout  
  • Image tooltip with image details  
  • Fully customizable field captions  
  • Fully customized interface via CSS  
  • Counter for the amount of pictures in the source library  
  • Support FireFox  
  • Support web part connections  
  • Multilingual (standard for all KWIzCom components) 

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