SharePoint Survey Plus Web Part by KWizCom

SharePoint Survey Plus Web Part by KWizCom

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SharePoint Survey Plus Web Part by KWizCom

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The SharePoint Survey Plus Web Part provides an enhanced survey interface, based on the standard SharePoint Survey list. The KWizCom Survey Plus Web Part connects to the standard SharePoint survey list and displays an easy to use interface for voting.

It supports multiple question surveys and different types of question displays: Dropdown Box, Radio Buttons and even Checkboxes that allow a single user to submit multiple selections to a single question.

The user may also view the survey voting results by clicking the "Results" button. The surveys' results can be displayed in various types of graphs and charts: Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Spline, Bubble and Point. KWizCom Survey Plus supports rating scale (new feature) field type, text boxes and text area, as well as Anonymous voting and includes full support for Firefox - can be now implemented in SharePoint-based internet web sites.

Features include:

  • Supports both IE and Firefox 
  • Anonymous user support 
  • Support for multiple question surveys 
  • Support text boxes and text areas 
  • Support Rating scale field type 
  • Clean and sleek survey presentation 
  • Resizable chart display 
  • Eight different graph types 
  • Fully customizable field captions 
  • Fully customizable interface via CSS and XSL 
  • Survey scope
  • Display available answer as a dropdown box, radio buttons or checkboxes (with multiple selections). 
  • Redirection to an administrator specified URL on survey submission.
  • Confirmation message display option - inside the web part or on a different web page.
  • Customizable label displays - show the quantity of responses in fixed numbers or percentage form, inside the survey result chart's labels, bars or both.
  • Support mandatory responses for the survey questions
  • Multi-lingual

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4.0  (1)
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Product Reviews

Great addition to native survey features

This is a great web part. We used it for a one-time project to collect information from TechEd visitors. Initially, we had a little bit of a problem making it work for our complex setup – we wanted to break up information into response-driven options with conditioning paths (to process information differently based on different customer responses and provide different 2nd page content). This feature I don’t think is supported, but we quickly found a workaround and built two surveys with a static HTML page with two entry points (this let us prequalify visitors prior to entering surveys and guide them into the right section). We placed all questions we needed authenticated with contact info on the 1st step/page, and followed by a page with all anonymous questions. On the other option we entered all information on the first page and submitted result at the end. Ultimately, it gave us two sets of survey responses from 1st step (which was the same) and 2nd step (which applied to a group of visitors but since that step did not include contact information it was anonymous). We redirected this to another survey URL. Perhaps there is a better option to do this, but the survey web part worked well for us.

Product Reviews

Great user facing options, redirects to a specific url after submission, really nice graphical response view
Doesn’t have an conditioning paths
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